To help you pick the best interstate moving company for your next move, we analyzed dozens of long-distance movers and then pared them down to the top five. Read on to see who made the cut as 2020’s best interstate movers-and to learn the right questions to ask when you’re shopping around.

Most movers define a long distance move to be a move that is over 100 miles from your old home to your new place. This might mean crossing a state line or country border – or what is referred to as an interstate move – or moving within the same state, or what the industry calls an intrastate move. Either way, long distance movers will judge your move by distance, not type.

Find out if the long distance movers you have came up to are registered and licensed. All you have to do is to obtain movers’ US DOT numbers (either by asking them or from the company website) and go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Check movers’ public record and find out whether there are any safety violations noted.

The other way to find backhaul is to simply call a lot of reputable moving companies. Did I mention we have a list of our highest rated long distance moving companies. You can also be more flexible around your pick-up and delivery dates to increase the chances of another move coming your way.

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Is the moving company forth coming about the fact that long distance moves almost always involve a delivery window not an exact delivery date? It’s better to know all this upfront so you can pack a suitcase that stays with you, you don’t want to start your new job in your gym shorts or pjs.

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