If hiring specialty movers (those experienced in moving exceptionally large items) isn’t in your budget or timetable, it is possible to move a pool table with the help of strong friends. Here’s how to move a pool table without professionals. Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials

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The average pool table weighs between 650 and 900 pounds, and ranges from seven fee. t to nine feet in length. A pool table may seem large, bulky and thus, not fragile. But in fact a pool able can prove to be fragile, especially once you start taking it apart and moving it. Disassembling a pool table requires: Removing the corner and side pockets

Moving a pool table can be risky and dangerous if not done correctly. After the pool table has been setup, the slate is screwed or bolted right to the pool table frame. Moving the unit as one piece can cause the slate to crack where it is screwed to the frame.

Moving a pool table sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Weighing anywhere from 200-1000lbs., pool tables are extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. Disassembly, reassembly, and leveling can also present quite a challenge if you’ve never moved a pool table before. If you decide to find pool table movers you’ll probably need to [.]

Pool table wheelers (dollies) can be used to move a pool table from one location to another within a room. Dynamic Billiard’s pool table movers will lift the pool table from underneath the frame and position pool table wheelers underneath four pool table legs.

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Moving a pool table can cause it to become unbalanced, or could lead to the slate top breaking. You can ask a general mover, but make sure whoever does the work is experienced at moving a pool table. Your best bet is to hire a professional pool mechanic or other experienced expert to take down, move and set up your table.

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