Diligent Piano Movers at Your Service. Piano moving is not furniture moving. First of all, a piano is not a piece of furniture. It is a musical instrument. Second, a piano can be as heavy as 1,000 pounds or more. Using typical furniture moving equipment is often risky. Finally, a piano will.

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steinway grand piano movers advanced piano movers reputable piano movers Choosing the best home movers for you is a multiple-step process /31.5 steps, to be precise/ that involves a fair amount of research in order to be a successful one. Follow the link above to access our super-detailed checklist for choosing a reputable full-service mover.I have used Advanced Piano moving twice now for my antique Steinway. They are an absolutely amazing team, even transporting it to Joshua Tree CA. on extremely short notice.universal piano movers statewide piano movers do piano movers tune 2 thoughts on " Piano Tuning Cost & piano moving cost: Your Questions Answered " Stewart Wenhold III at 7:06 am. I would like to get my Lester Grand Piano Tuned and cleaned up. There ate (5) Ivories that have come off after sitting in storage for 5 years.Piano Movers of Texas specializing in moving and storing pianos across the great state of Texas. Statewide and local moves with fast, friendly service.Why should you buy a piano? A piano is an investment – in yourself and your family, in music and the arts, in quality workmanship, in a lovely piece of furniture.piano dealers Select your city / state to quickly find piano dealers Near Me. We have found a lot of locations related to Piano Dealers Near and close to you with piano dealers open hours and Location details You can find them by selecting your state and then city from the list above or typing your nearest city name in search bar

Piano Transport Services is a full service piano moving and storage company that has been in business for over 25 years in the northeast Florida area. Are you looking for affordable piano movers? Keep in mind that your piano is one of your most valuable possessions.

The movers did an excellent job of moving our piano. Our piano is an older model and very heavy. It had to be moved outside and down a grass slope to our basement. It was obvious that these movers had lots of experience and were very professional. I would highly recommend Modern Piano to anyone considering moving a piano.

piano technician essential information. piano technicians tune, repair and replace damaged parts on pianos in schools, churches and individual homes. Aspiring piano techs can train in programs that usually last two years or less, although there are also master’s degree programs available which may emphasize piano technology.

Find local contractors to Move a Piano. HomeAdvisor will connect you with prescreened and customer-rated contractors in your area

How to transport a piano from floor to floor safely. It is possible to use a piano ramp if you are just going up four or so steps. However, the only way to move a piano up a flight of stairs is by carrying it. Moving a piano upstairs or downstairs can be particularly difficult and needs a significant amount of skill and planning.

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**Piano Transport Services** provides full-service local and long distance residential moving services. residential moving encompasses a wide variety of services ranging from moving a piano to another room to relocating an entire household to another state.

We specialize in piano transport: We know the issues and challenges that come with moving pianos. Unlike general movers who might underestimate the weight .

Jie Transport Service is dedicated to providing our clients with the most professional and quality care during each transportation. By entrusting your valuable items to us and we know how to get the job done with the utmost in skill, tailored to your specific needs. Piano require special consideration due to the complexity involved.

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